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Advantages of our company

Customer satisfaction and peace of mind represent our core values as a company.

We aim to reach and exceed the requirements and desires of our customers at all times, as we believe that the best feedback we get for what we have delivered is the fact that our clients continue to recommend us to their friends, relatives, acquaintances.

We try to create a good balance in all of our complexes. Offering a mix of a luxurious touch via stylish surroundings and variety of amenities, as well as a cozy atmosphere contributed by a friendly and helpful staff, make our residents feel homey and special.


Some of the advantages of our company:


1. Our developments are easily differentiated from everything else on the Bulgarian market. We offer our clients exclusive comfort and high standards. Unique architecture, grand interior design, luxury Spa, swimming pool, sports center, cozy cafes contribute for an enjoyable year-round stay. 


2.  We have extensive experience in the development of residential and holiday complexes, therefore we can guarantee for a high quality of the construction. We only use bricks for the construction of the walls, as well as excellent heat-insulation, waterproofing and noise-insulation. Plasterboards are none existent in our buildings. We only use high-quality materials with multiple years warranties. 


3.  Our complexes are located in some of the most attractive locations in Bulgaria. We have a solid presence at the Black Sea coastline, the most popular ski resorts as well as in the capital, Sofia. This provides an excellent investment opportunity for those who chose to generate an extra income from their properties by renting them out.


4. Our company is the investor, builder and managing agent for all our complexes. We take care of your property during the entire year – security, cleaning, maintenance of the common areas, etc. We could also offer you the possibility of gaining additional income by renting out your property.


5. Our company has established itself a reputation of a reliable investor. We do not use bank loans to build. All our projects are financially secured from the very start of the construction process.


Choose our company and you will have a peace of mind for having made the right choice!

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