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Property Maintenance

Maintenance fee includes free use of the attractions in the complex-pools, sun beds, umbrellas, summerhouses, fountains as well as:

- Annual Spring and Autumn worming mainly in the complex and ongoing verification;
- Current development, maintenance, mowing and watering of gardens and ornamental plants;
- Constant monitoring and maintenance of sanitary and plumbing installation;
- Constant monitoring and maintenance of security surveillance systems for correct functioning;
- Constant monitoring and emergency measures in case of extreme and force majeure against possible damage;
- Cleaning, lighting and maintenance of common areas;
- Operation and maintenance of swimming pools during the summer months and the offseason period;
- Continuous waste collection and disposal of trash from common areas;
- Thorough cleaning of common areas prior to the tourist season;
- Other services and activities that the company deems necessary to perform assigned duties.

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